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Our Company
Our long history has afforded us with a high level of knowledge and understanding of foreign marketing. This expertise allows us to explain problematic situations to American suppliers, and obtain their support and cooperation. Our support may be in the form of obtaining manufacturer processing statements or other product-specific documentation, obtaining samples for analysis or pre-sale purposes, settling product questions and concerns. In addition to shipping and logistics we are able to supply our customers with marketing support.

Our experience of more than half a century has included a wide assortment of food products. Among non-food products we ship health and beauty products, industrial supplies, hardwares and various types of equipment. For more than ten years we have been supplying food products (frozen and dry) and operational supplies to major restaurant franchises overseas.

Our History

P. J. Rhodes Corporation was co-founded by Peter J. Rhodes and his father Sydney H. Rhodes in 1946. Sydney H. Rhodes had been export manager of Hill Brothers Coffee since the 1930's and had done business and formed wide contacts in the Pacific Rim before WWII. After the war ended, many trading houses spanning the whole of Asia, asked Sydney for a recommendation for a U.S. agent or indenter to source both food items and industrial materials for reconstruction. His son, Peter J. Rhodes, having completed his education at Stanford University on the GI bill, jumped quickly on the opportunity and financed the first shipments with what little equity he had. At that time there were many "G.I." exporters who were in business one year and out of business the next, but the tenacity, service minded and customer oriented nature of Peter, allowed him to build an expertise and culture which remains today with equally experienced staff members.
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P J Rhodes Corporation
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Global Service Area
Global Service Area - Import & Export Company to Japan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Ecuador, and other Asian and Pacific Markets